Deutsche Evangelische St. Johannes Gemeinde Zu Gravois Settlement Missouri was founded in 1838 by newly arrived German immigrants.  They were living in a wilderness farming community, a day’s journey south of St. Louis, known as the Gravois Settlement.  The small congregation built a church out of logs by hand on this hill.  Louis Nollau, a missionary from Germany, was our first Pastor.   The church grew and changed with the community.   Our community transitioned from frontier to rural to suburban.  German was the language spoken for many years, and then over time it became English.  We now occupy our third church building, with the sanctuary built in 1922 and additions added in 1955 and 1970.

St. Johns is the location of the founding of the German Evangelical Church Society of the West, “Deutsche Evangelische Kirchenvereindes Westens” in 1840.  In 1934 the Evangelical and Reformed churches united and we became St. Johns Evangelical and Reformed Church of Mehlville.  The United Church of Christ was formed in 1957 when the Evangelical and Reformed churches merged with the Congregational and Christian churches, and we became St. Johns EUCC.  The congregation has been actively involved in the larger church throughout it’s history.

The hearts and hands of the congregation have carried out God’s work.  Worship, prayer and Christian Education, along with mission and outreach are our foundation.  The members are enthusiastic and committed to serving our Lord.

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