Church Campus

Our present Sanctuary was built in 1922.  Two additions have been made to the building in 1956 and 1971, along with a variety of renovations over the years.  The Sanctuary, Fellowship/Dining Hall, gym and Sunday School areas are handicap accessible.  The restrooms are not yet handicap accessible for wheelchairs.


The Sanctuary was renovated in 2010.  Among the most noticeable features are the new sound and projection systems (including a flat screen monitor in the Overflow area).  We have modified the altar area by expanding the steps and opening up the Altar area.  Hand railings and Lucite safety panels were installed.  The new color scheme was chosen to highlight the beautiful stained glass windows.  The project included new carpet, flooring, and paint.  Significant upgrades of the mechanical and electrical systems were an important part of the renovation.  Enter the Sanctuary from the front door or the ramp entrance (turn to the left just inside the ramp doorway).

Gym Lobby

Enter this area via the ramp doorway or the North entry (take the stairs up to the lobby). The Sanctuary, Nursery, Gym, restrooms and elevator can all be accessed at this level.

Lower Level Lobby

The Sunday School area, Library, Wintermeyer Room, and Dining Hall, as well as restrooms and the elevator can be accessed from this area.   Stairs at the North entrance access the Gym lobby and the Lower Level Lobby.

Dining Hall/Fellowship Hall

This large area is the location of many activities and events.  The area includes the kitchen and stage.  Stairs next to the stage lead to the Sanctuary, stairs to the left of the kitchen lead to the 1955 Education wing and the hallway to the right of the kitchen leads to restrooms and the Lower Level Lobby.

1955 Education Wing

On the first level is the location of the large and small council rooms, used for meetings and classes.  The Church Office is located on the second level and the third floor is the home of the Youth Room and Archives.   Two staircases service this area.   The office may be reached via the entrance to the left of the main entrance to the Sanctuary.

St. Johns Crossing Crossing building, picnic pavilion and grounds.

This part of the property was purchased in 2000 from the Missouri Department of Transportation.  St. Johns has been diligently working to pay for the property and turn it into a productive part of the church campus.  The Landscape Task Force has coordinated upgrades from the parking lot and utilitarian space to a green space; a rain garden is currently being installed.  The area is used for barbecues and other outdoor events.  Cub Scouts from the Gravois Trails district use the Crossing for their annual Cub Scout Day Camp.


Old St. Johns Cemetery is the final resting place for many of the “saints” of St. Johns.  The first burial was in 1839.  New St. Johns Cemetery, located at Lemay Ferry and Forder Roads was established in 1914.  It is an non-sectarian cemetery and lots are available.  For further information contact the Church Office at 314.892.0848

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