Global Missions

We reach out around the globe:

Heifer International We have just exceeded our goal of buying a “Joy to the World” collection! In addition to the animals in the collection we have also purchased 2 water buffalo, 4 pigs, a trio of rabbits, 2 flocks of chicks, 2 flocks of ducks, 1 flock of geese and 2 hives of honeybees.  The latest campaign was lead by the Sunday School children with support from the Missions Commission.  Coins were collected by the children with the Noisy Offering & our Lenten Calendar of Sharing for 2011 was directed to Heifer.  Support  has been on-going since Heifer began, we bought an “Ark” in 2007 and many of our middle-aged members remember pasting little chicken stickers to a poster in their own Sunday School days.  One of our Pastors, Rev. Ralph Koch, accompanied one of the first shipments of heifers to Europe following World War II.  Each Sunday piggy banks are on the tables during Coffee Hour & the children contribute to a cow bank that “moos” each time time a coin is dropped in.

Church World Service Contributions through the years include many hand-crocheted baby afghans and personal care disaster relief kits.

Shoeman Water Projects Old shoes (and some not so old) are collected as part of a program in the metro area.  The shoes are sold to a company that recycles and sends the wearable shoes to impoverished areas around the world.  The money is used to buy well-digging equipment to be used in Kenya.  Enough wells can be dug in one year to enable 20,000 people to have access to clean drinking water.

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