175th Anniversary Events & Projects


175 Years…..175 Minutes!

In honor of the 175th Anniversary of the founding of St. Johns, the 175th Anniversary Committee challenges you to give an additional 175 minutes of your time-that’s just shy of 3 hours.   As you know the Mission Heritage and Mission outreach at St. Johns is a vital part of who we are.  What better way to celebrate this anniversary than to give the gift of your time for others? You can give the time by doing something extra around St. Johns or doing something extra in the community.  You can add to something you are already doing or do something entirely new.  When you have given your 175 minutes, please write a note indicating what you’ve done & place it in the basket that will be in the Narthex all through the year.   You don’t have to sign it if you don’t want to, but we will share some of those notes through the Messenger and other ways.   There is already one note in the basket.

Special Anniversary Year Mission Project

In honor of St. Johns mission heritage and agricultural roots, we are “building a barnyard” for Heifer International.   Be sure to turn in your Lenten Calendar of Sharing bank on Sunday March 17. 2013 LENTEN CALENDAR OF SHARING

Celebrating 175 years!

175th Anniversary Committee has planned the following events.  We hope that you will be able to participate in most of the events.  The St. Johns calendar is always full of activates, so we’ve squeezed in as much celebration as we can.

Saturday April 6—6pm In the Dining Hall     German Potluck Supper

Bring a German dish.  You can use an heirloom family recipe, a recipe that may have come from Germany or something that just seems sort of German.   This will be truly “potluck” we’ll eat whatever is brought to the dinner.    Sign-up sheets will be available in March, so we’ll know how many tables to set up.    There will be German music too (CDs, not live) & maybe a little Polka dancing.  If you’d like be prepared to share the story of your German food (and maybe the recipe).

Sunday April 21  Tree Seedling Day 

The Children’s Chat will feature trees.  The children will receive a Red Bud seedling as they leave Sunday School that morning.  Adults may also receive seedlings if they wish.  Any extras can be planted on the Crossing.    70 Red Bud seedlings are being ordered from Missouri Conservation.

No events in May—the calendar is too full already.

Sunday June 23    Noon at the Pavilion         Old Time Picnic / Last Day of VBS

Everyone is invited to bring their picnic basket & lawn chairs.   There will be games & possibly some hands-on old timey activities for kids of all ages.    Don’t forget the Choir’s indoor picnic lunch the next Sunday.

Saturday July 20 7pm in the Dining Hall     Homemade Pie in July         

Bake your favorite pie and bring it to share.  If you don’t want to make a pie, bring food for the Food Banks.

August   Surprise  (Date to be determined ) We don’t have anything scheduled at this point, but stay tuned! It might be…

Homecoming / Confirmation Reunion/ Friends of St. Johns Wine & Cheese Reception in the Dining  

Plans are underway.  This will be an open invitation will be issued to all St. Johns Confirmands, Youth Sponsors, former members, neighbors, and anyone else and their guests.    This will be a chance to reconnect with old friends and meet new friends.

Sunday October 13th   175th Anniversary Day!!

Pending Council approval, one worship service at 10am.  Celebration will continue at Genesis Banquet Center (doors open at 11:30, buffet served at 12noon).  The meal will be followed by a special anniversary program (to be determined).  Cost has not been finalized; it will not exceed $14-15 per person.

Friday November 1 6/6:30pm Encore Twilight Cemetery Tour   &                                                                       First Friday Trunk or Treat  

Women’s Fellowship is planning a Kaffee Klatch in November as their 175th Anniversary event.

Other activities and events may be added.  Additional “slide shows” are planned,   featuring photos from recent events as well as from the past.  Anyone who has St. Johns photos (of any vintage) & is willing to have them scanned is encouraged to call or email the Church Office.

The committee plans to sponsor the planting of a special tree as part of the anniversary event in the Fall.  Other events and activities may be added.

Happy 175th!


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